Never ending dust shoe development

Hi Steve,
Since I blocked off the bottom of my shoe except for around the bit, It has greatly increased the suction where it is needed. I must mention, that I also use a 6hp shop vac that is stronger than most, and this may contribute to the effectiveness. No air diverter used, just the shoe. Also use mostly upcut bits so deep cuts stay cleared. I love my dust collector. I can cut all day, and there’s only a few little chips on the table.

I am also using a 6HP shop vac (Rigid 1450), but from my X-Carve to dust deputy, I have a smaller, 1.25" hose. From the Dust Deputy to my shop vac, it is the 2.5" hose.

Exact same setup I’m using!

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Yesterday I built this dust shoe. Today I am modifying it to get the suction closer to the spindle. It works pretty well on pockets or anything wide, but I am having trouble clearing the deep cuts.

Is that attached to the spindle? Mine is attached to the spindle bracket and has a fixed (but adjustable) height and stays close to surface. That may be part of why it doesn’t suck so good. My skirts are also 1/2 that height. Seen it done both ways, I just prefer fixed way. The less volume you have in the boot and skirting material, the more suction you’ll have at the bit. Just my 2 cents.

If you are using downcut bits I don’t think you will get all of the chips out. It looks like your skirt is a little longer than mine also. I have my router to where the top of the lock button is even with the bottom of the mount which allow the skirt to be shorter. But if you downloaded the .dxf file for the dust shoe there was a extra piece in there that can be placed over the vacuum hole to direct the vacuum closer to the spindle. Maybe adding that will help some.

I will be making one of these, Just stared my first cut and im in desperate need of a dust shoe lol

Do you have a file for Bracket ?

Sorry, no file for bracket Frank. I just measured Z bracket mount and made my 90 degree bracket 1.375" x 3" x 5" tall.

My dust shoe is very similar but I was always silently cursing when I needed to position or change bits. So I split the shoe to allow easy access to the chuck and bit.