Never Used X-Carve for Sale - Clifton, NJ $700

My son bought this about a year ago. Not long after he joined the army and never had a chance to finish putting it together. He probably put it 85% together

and I think I have the rest of the pieces.

It’s brand new, never used. Looking for the best offer and a local pickup in Northern New Jersey.

X-Carve - 30686-04
DeWalt Router - 30621-01
X-Carve 1000mm Waste Board Kit - 30703-03
X-Carve 1000mm Rail Kit - 30689-03
X-Carve Drag Chain Kit - 30771-06
X-Controller Kit - 30618-06
X-Carve NEMA 23 Kit - 30773-06
X-Carve DeWalt Spindle Mount - 30610-06
Z-Probe - 30611-02
X-Carve 1000mm Side Board Kit - 30706-03
X-Carve Dust Control System - 30740-04
X-Carve Homing Switch Kit - 30772-06
Easel Pro Membership - 30788-02
X-Carve Toolkit - 30540-02
Clamp Set for 3D Carving - 30675-02
Digital Calipers - 25937-01
Carving Bit Super Pack - 30736-02
1/8” Bit Set for V-Carving - 30784-02
Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - Black - 26049-09

Have you explored the cost of shipping this. I would consider this if shipping is available. My Zip Code is 97524, Eagle Point, Oregon

Hi is this still available ?

Yes it is.

I am interested, I am in central NJ. Do you know what year the machine is ?


Still Available

What year is the machine ?

Looking to buy a machine within the week so I just need more information.

I will gladly pay the shipping if you will pack it up and ship it

Please call me would love to buy it im in Flanders NJ 45 min away
Matt 973-945-9898

I can pick up on Saturday

Interested in machine @NajlahHicks

Is this sill available, I am very interested and work in Clifton.

I will buy it from you 814 577-4792 call or text me

I can pick up tomarrow.


Did you sell it yet, I will come with cash ASAP

Is this still available, if so i can pick up today, Please let me know asap.

It has been SOLD.

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