New advise!

I am new to Easel and X-carve and still learning the in and outs. I’ve been trying to carve a perfect circle in 1/2 birch. I have the x and y axis all set as well as depth. However when I go to carve it looks like a child scribbling with a crayon. No circle. Any suggestions.

That’s not good … but is certainly solvable.

Can you share a picture and the project file?

How does it do for a square or straight line?

Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Here is a picture on what it did.

not sure how to send you the project file.

its pretty good on a straight line.

Are the belts of the X-Carve tight? You should be able to play guitar with them.

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how deep are you trying to carve per pass?

I checked the belts. I believe they are tight enough.
here are screen shots of my settings.

also thank you to all getting back to me and helping me out

Is the depth of cut shown in that first pic 0.05 deep?
It looks like more than that.

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My thought to. Looks to be pretty deep for .05 and i can not think if there was more then 1 cut it would not follow that same cut unless that is the way it was drawn up.

I had assumed belt tension. Am honestly stumped.

Does it make straining or skipping noises doing this?

Well, measure the depth of your cuts, I agree they look deeper than the .05in in the settings. If the cuts are significantly deeper than .05in, your Z axis may not be operating properly. Check the V wheels to ensure there is no play.

thank you all for the advise. Ill continue to “play” and tweek. I’m wondering if I just had a software glich.

Most likely not :wink:

I suspect its either mechanical or a work flow error in terms of setting the Z height correctly in regards to where the machine actually think it and the material is.

Your carve error show “missed steps” happening.

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I spent most of the day trying to tweek the machine. I think I finally got it right. I’m thinking it was a program glitch.

Now on to my next set of issues. LOL. Again I am brand new to this so I figure I will have a lot of trial and error

Wondering if you chose the wrong lead screw on the set-up. That would likely affect where the x-carve thinks zero is from your set point and the depth of each cut