New and need some help (3018 CNC)

Hello! Ive been reading tons of forums and can’t seem to find the solution to my problem. Hoping to find some help from the community. Thanks in advance.

I am using a 3018 CNC with easle. When I go to start carving I work through the bit size, material thickness and position settings. When I put the bit in the correct position I click on “Raise the bit”. At this point instead of raising up just enough to move around the material it goes all the way up. I then click “turn spindle on” and then Carve just to see what happened. It follows the path but does so a few inches above the material. No matter how many times I reset the position, reconnect the machine, I still have the same problem. Ive looked at the machine inspector settings and… well lets just say I’m not to familiar with computer lingo.

Please help!

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This thread will help. You set your Z as that of an X-carve.

Hey there. Thanks for the reply. The setting you mentioned is set to 800. Attached is a screen shot from the machine inspector. Easel - Milwaukee Cut out.pdf (171.9 KB)

If you jog the Z 25mm, does it actually move EXACTLY 25mm?

I measured in inches but it travels the appropriate distance when jogging the machine.

Did you set the Z-zero?

Setting the Z probe to zero meaning I find the bottom left corner of the material and bring the probe just right above the material. Close enough for paper to slide in. This is the point when I hit raise the bit and it just goes all the way up.

Can you open the machine inspector?
In the console type G0X0Y0Z0. That should move it to the point you set zero.

Also, was this a design done in Easel? Or imported gcode?


I appreciate the help, I really do! After putting that code into the console it jogged the machine to the right spot but still did not carve the board like I wanted it to. I took a video if that helps, but is too large to upload here.

Also, I did two test runs earlier with some random text and it worked just fine…

Can you share the gcode?

Yes it was done in easel, I just typed some random text and sized it to the material and depth. If you had an email or someplace I could share the video that might clarify the issue.


Can you upload to YouTube or Google drive and share the link?
So the issue only happens on one particular job or every time you run a job?