New Brit Workshop 750 mm X-Carve assembly and Test

Hi Everyone

My apologies for being a very rare visitor but I am a one man band running my YouTube channel, designing woodworking tools and pretending to be retired.

Inventables very kindly sent a 750 mm machine kit to me and I have now completed the series of videos covering the build, testing and commissioning. I have gone into a lot of detail in these videos in order to give anyone contemplating one of these the very best idea of the ease of construction and the quality of the finished product. The key to producing a near perfect setup is to take the time and not rush the assembly. No special skill is required to do any of the work and all the tools needed are standard.

Here is the complete video list:

Assembly Part 1:

Assembly Part 2:

Assembly Part 3:

Assembly Part 4:


X Controller:

Initial Testing:

Dust Boot Fitting:


I spend 2 - 3 hours a day responding to every comment, message or question placed on my YouTube channel and then another 6 hours filming or editing my work so please forgive me if I am slow n responding to anything placed here. Your best bet to reach me is via YouTube.



Hi Peter. I have watched your videos many times over the last 3 weeks. They were very helpful. Thank you .
I just finished building my 1000 today yay :blush:

Hi Alan

Many thanks and good luck with your brilliant new machine.


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Hi Peter.

I am in the process of building my 750mm kit. Your videos are excellent and have helped me immensely in the build.

Thanks again


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Your videos are excellent Peter. They really made assembling my X-carve easier.


Hi Sam and Darrin,

I am glad that I am able to help.

Please forgive my random appearances here but I am a one man band am going flat out 6+ days a week.


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Hello Peter,

Thank you for the time you put into these videos. I started watching them before I ordered my 1000mm. I picked it up last Friday and watched these excellent build videos as i built my machine. Using the Inventables instructions for part numbers and your videos I was able to complete my build in 13 hours, with no problems. Thank you again. I will continue to watch you videos for other tips, tricks and builds.

Hi Willie,

That is brilliant news - gosh, 13 hours, that was pretty good going. I am working on a probing video at the moment and will introduce two ideas to take the simple Z Probe to the next level (I am sure that is a pun).