New build. Noisy Motors?

Okay just got the xcarve fully assembled and I’m doing some dry runs and I notice if it’s moving in the linear motion it’s fine normal hum, but when the Y in X move together like doing a circle it makes a weird kind of sound. Kinda like when Mario goes down pipe. Sorry that’s the best way I can describe it. Is that normal? I think it’s just a combination of the two Motors running together that make the noise but I like to play it safe.

I don’t have mine put together yet but if it’s anything like my 3D printers or laser engraver… it’s just that combination making odd noises. It can almost sound musical at times. :slight_smile:

Just make sure that the Y motors are not fighting each other. They should both be trying to move the axis in the same direction. Recall from the instructions that you reverse one of the pairs on one of the Y motors.

This is 100% normal… :slight_smile:

The difference in sound is the different frequencies that the controller’s motor drivers are producing to get the stepper motors to run at the various speeds. It’s the same thing you hear if you stand close to a large transformer. The motors are just singing their song…


Brandon R. Parker

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Sound required:

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Omg, that’s great and that’s the sound. I’m new to this smaller CNC. But now I feel better knowing it normal.