New Buyer - purchase questions

I have been a fan of this forum for awhile, and I am strongly leaning toward making an Xcarve purchase. I currently own a Bobs CNC which has not met my expectations.
I have a couple of questions:
First, is there a problem with stability as the machine size increases? For instance, is the 1000mm machine as steady when carving as the 750mm? As small as my Bobs CNC machine is, it is totally unreliable for getting smooth consistent output so I am a little skeptical about going as big as 1000mm.
Second, have you found that Easel Pro is good or should I consider Vectric instead? I have used Easel Pro, but I have to export G-Code to run on my machine. However, I think it is my CNC that is the problem, not the software.
Thanks for your help.
Wayne Rasku

Thank you @RobertCanning.

Thank you @anonymous - I downloaded a test copy of v-carve, and it seems to have a lot more flexibility. I appreciate your input.

Go here and view all of the tutorials. Vectric Training

You can download trial versions of their products to see if it will work for you. Their products work nicely with the X-carve.

What are some thing that are more flexible? I just purched an x-carve on Sunday and was thinking about easel pro…

Fairly colorful reply, but the information is basically on target.


i bought the 1000mm but how would i do a project that is longer an my wasteboard? How would i set up 2 different cuts for the same project? Do i jsut hope i measure right or is there an app?


It’s called. Tiling. There is no app in easel. There has been much discussion on this. Basically you have to split the project into sections and carve each section. There was a recent discussion in the past couple of days. Try search. You will find a lot of information

My router gave out after 2 months, do they replace the router for the x-carve?

mid carve and broke a bit

Dewalt will warranty the router, about how many hours? Sounds like brushes.

Guessing about a total of 30 hours maybe