New Carve using letters and hardwood

Not sure if the image come up.
I am looking for some advice on this carve. I have never carved something like this before and would like some suggestions on bit type and depth along with font. If you have any advice I can use it.

While I have done some lettering I know this will be on Hardwood and I am assuming to use a 60 degree but not to deep like maybe an 1/16th or 1/8th. I was also worried about the type font as I want to be able to read it when done.

Thank You

If it was me, I would laser something like this.
Have you tried a 20 or 30 degree vbit? It may give you the detail you want

  • Skim cut the top surface to ensure its uniform relative to Z axis.
  • Use a 20-30deg V-bit for the text, 1/32" depth may be enough (test and verify)
    For the V-bit either run it as a V-carve (Pro feature) or just specify a very narrow straight bit diameter and “fake” it (Pro not required). It wont be as crisp as V-carve but may be good enough.
  • Cleat-coat it before painting the black in as it will restrict black bleeding into the grain
  • Sand the top to clear away unwanted black coverage
  • Final clear-coat, done :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thank you I had not heard of using that bit. I have never used one before.