New Carvey started moving but spindle just went left and continued pushing with a grinding sound. Is this considered failure to home? What do i do next to correct this problem?

Unpacked Carvey and followed instructions to start it up. Connected to Easel and hit Carve.
The spindle went straight to the left and continued moving in that direction accompanied by a grinding noise.
No obstructions, no over hanging clamp. What do I need to check next?
Would appreciate your suggestions to correct this problem.

Did it zero itself on the smart clamp first? That should be the first that happens.

Regardless, it sounds like you need to contact Inventables Tech Support. What you describe should not be happening.

It needs to home before it does anything with the “Smart” Clamp.

@JoseDaniloDoromal I would try homing the machine “manually”. With the Carvey off, move the spindle to the right an inch or two. Turn it on, connect to Easel, and, using the Machine Inspector, home the machine (send $H). If the same thing happens, sounds like a limit switch issue and you should contact Inventables (after you stop the machine).
The grinding is the stepper motor skipping steps. You don’t want to do it intentionally, but you did not damage anything.
If the machine homes fine, but the project causes the Carvey to do that again, it’s probably your file. Was it entirely done in Easel?