New Carvey Z depth cut through to spoil board

I just received my new carvey. I started to get through the initial tutorial. When the spindle went to set the Z “touch the smart button” I received an error. THe error was that the button was dirty and needed cleaning. Well after two rounds of that I got it to work. SO I started it a new project and walked through all the steps for depth set all my depths correctly set the thickness of the material correctly…,… Carvey calibrates Z then embarks on the cut… Stock is plywood .2" bit size is .02, cut depth is set to .4…here is where it goes haywire… Carvey drills down into the spoil board the complete thickness +++ into the spoil board!! I have tried this over and over again… No luck - keeps doing the same thing. Anyone Help?

I am a noob to this any help would be great. Thanks.

OK I am a numbskull,.,.,. the smart clamp was set wrong. Its working!