New category all about finishing

So I HAVE A DREAM! and my dream is to have a section all to itself on the Inventables forum about project finishing techniques does anyone share my dream?

to many times do i find myself able to cut out these awesome projects but then they sit in my shop for ages because I simply do not know how to finish them I mean oh sure you can go arouond the net and find all the videos in the world on how to apply tounge and cheek oil to a slab o wood but do they really i mean show you how and can you talk to the person on the other end? I think not!

so lets fix that as a community and talk all about wood/metal/plastic/etc/ finishing


Tongue and cheek oil… haha! Just got my chuckle for the day! But I’m with ya. Finishing is an area where I’m just wingin’ it right now.

right lol its costing me alot of time and material as well because I am having to cut 4 of everything to try different finishes

I think this is a GREAT idea, as I too have questions about finishing techniques… as well as some successes of my own I could share.