New challenge, another success

Having gotten my xcarve back in May, and a 2yr old son to take my time, I have not been able to do as much carving as I’d like. To that, this is my first detailed relief carve and I am quite happy with the results (I did a relief of flowers on an approx 12x20" door for a cabinet I am building but it wasn’t as detailed as this).

You have probably seen the horse head before. I carved it on a 6" dia slice of hickory (from a dead tree I cut down last year), gave it a coat of Golden Oak stain, then a spray of polyurethane. Gonna add a hanger on the back so it can be hung on a wall. I also have many other blanks and will be trying some other animal files I have.


Did you design that yourself? Looks amazing. Great job

Good Lord no - I wish. I purchased that file from somewhere I can’t remember. Although this is a legitimate project, it was also a practice exercise for a much larger carve I want to do with the same model.

Thanks. Being on the bottom of the learning curve, it feels good to have an occasional win.

Still a great job all the same. Hope the bigger one turnes out just as good for you.

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Wow really nice! What software did you use for this? I haven’t moved past Easel yet, although I’d like to get into 3D carvings. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Thanks! The horse head file is an STL that I bought somewhere. I used VCarve Pro to load it and then drew a couple of circles to create the step-down transitions from the outside to the horse. (I believe I have seen a tutorial on how to create a bowl shape and want to learn it…I would prefer that over the step-downs). I generated the gcode and then loaded it into Easel to do the actual carve.

I don’t believe this is something you could tackle with Easel but not sure what free options exist…Inkscape maybe?

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the quick response, really great work overall!

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Bingo! That’s it. Thanks.

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Mind sharing the Easel project for that? I’d love to give it a try.

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I don’t have it as an Easel project. It was done in VCarve Pro. I used Easel to send the guide to the xcarve. (Can a gcode file be loaded as an Easel project?)

Ah, that makes sense. I misunderstood what you were using Easel for. I got excited when I thought you could load that into Easel.

Ah. Sorry that I wasn’t clear in my original posting.