New Computer Arduino/gshield connection fails

Help please!! My XCarve is/was working well with my laptop running Windows 7 home premium. I have used Easel, UGCS and Picsender quite happily. Like a fool I decided to buy a PC just for the workshop, it is running Windows 7 Pro.
There is no way I can get the new PC to recognise or load the Arduino. I get the error Ardude: stk500_recv() programmer is not responding I have watched a dozen You Tube 'how to fix it" videos, I have exhausted all help on the Arduino site, I have followed the reset process more than 5 times, NOTHING WORKS!!
Despite the 5 (or more) resets, when I remove the PC and reconnect the laptop it is quite happy and everything works just as it should .
When I first assembled and loaded up Xcarve and all the electronic connections it went like a breeze.
For the love of me now I cannot get the same setup Xcarve/Arduino/gshield to talk to the new PC. Any ideas at all would be gratefully accepted

Did you try all the USB ports? I’ve had issues where only one port will successfully connect, the others play the tone that the USB was connected but it never actually connects to the arduino…

I thank you for taking time with my problem Darryl, but yes I had tried them all.
However since my last post the problem is solved hip, hip hooray!!!
I went back to the very basics.
I uninstalled everything related to cnc from the new computer, I disconnected the gshield from the arduino and then began the entire process from the Inventables instructions electronics section all over again. Downloaded the Arduino drivers (again), followed the Easel machine setup (again), and BINGO, the machine moves along X, then Y then Z. You little ripper!!
Reloaded UGCS, crossed fingers and hoped, UGCS found the machine, and then Whoopeeee, machine control works, then file send and it works too.
Not that I am recommending this fix to everyone but it worked for me. After a few days of frustration I am now celebrating with a cold and frothy beverage.
Regards, James

That is not uncommon when getting a new computer. I generally have to reinstall the device drivers and depending on the Arduino board may have to have different drivers depending on what USB/Serial interface is implemented on the Arduino board in question.

I have different versions/boards that are Arduino and have more than one driver installed.


I have similar problem of connection fail and I can’t figure it out.
I tried windows 7, win8 and win10 and all have same problem.
I followed the instructions to install drivers and update the grbl, tried all the USB ports (both 2.0 & 3.0) and have tried remove gShield from the Arduino
In the step of “Machine Setup-confirm setting” it stuck, though Arduino does appear in my device manager

I’m confused it’s a software problem or hardware problem?
Should I reconnected all the electronics items?
Is it possible that there is a problem in my Arduino?

It would be grateful for any recommendation!

Don’t know if this will help or not. But, have you re-downloaded the Xcarve post processor from the Inventables site?
When I solved my issue, it was literally by doing absolutely everything again. To this day I don’t know just what it was that fixed it.
Good luck