New cut: Clouds of Jupiter

Niec warm glow in the morning sunrise.

This is actually a test cut, first time using this Alaskan birch: I plan on doing something 3x as big, so needed a baseline for performance.
This piece was designed by taking an image SW of The Great Red Spot, and converting it to a height map.
Final piece painted with water color and stained.
The birch was fell on my family’s property in Alaska by my father, who then milled and planed it for me last year.

Rough cut in one hour with .25" 3-flute upcut endmill @ 60"/min, .125"doc with .125" stepover.
Finish pass in 8 hours with .125" 2-flute tapered ballnose, my new favorite bit for terrain like this. 10% stepover, 90"/min, 50"/min plunge (yes, I’ve modified my firmware). Cam via Meshcam.
The machine had no issues at these speeds, will push them up for the next cut.

Here’s a shot of the region it was taken from:

And here’s the converted heightmap in Maya:


WOW!!! Awesome work!!

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Nice stuff!

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I love this!

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Great work!

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