New driver for Easel/Carvey

The last couple days when using my Carvey I noticed a pop-up flag in Easel wanting me to install a new driver. I’m hesitant to install this new driver. I’m a, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of guy. Everything is working perfect with the old driver. My question to the Carvey Community is, has anyone upgraded to this new driver and if so, have you had any issues with it? Thanks in advance for your input.

Come on community. I’m sure someone has downloaded the newest driver for the Easel/Carvey by now and is using it. It would be nice to hear some feedback from anyone on whether there are any issues before others take the plunge. I’ve noticed that there sure are a lot of trolls out there gathering information but never contributing to anything. I thought that’s what this forms purpose was about. Just looking for a little help here.

I had the upgrade notice show up. I just ignore it. I had some difficulties when I first installed Easel/Carvey that I seem to remember being associated with the driver. Seems to be working fine now, so figured if it ain’t broke…

Hi George, thanks for posting. I agree with if it ain’t broke… The issue I’m having is, if you click on, I believe the ?, it says something about if you don’t do the upgrade your current driver may not work in the future. I think I’m going to contact support and get a clear explanation. I will post here the outcome.

Support got right back to me. I asked if anyone reported any issues with the new driver. Their answer was, the only issues were with older computer systems. They confirmed that if the new driver isn’t installed, there could be a future problem. They assured me that if I encounter a problem after installing the new driver, tech support could reset me back to the earlier version driver. So, looks like I will go ahead and install it.