New dust boot on instructables

Here is a 3D printed dust boot I made for my new X-Carve. So far I’ve only cut MDF, but it worked great for that. I might eventually make one with a dust skirt, but right now it is working excellent as is. I’m new to the CNC routing so constructive comments on the design welcome.

I created an instructable on how to make one so please visit the site for the design details:

FYI - The instructable is in a contest to win a 3D printer. I intend to donate the printer to the FIRST Robotics team I am mentoring if I win. So if you stop by to check out the instructable please vote for it. I bought the X-Carve to cut parts for our robot next year. Loving it so far.

Thanks - Bill


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A much improved dust shoe was designed and is now now up on Thingiverse: