New Dust Shoe

Is it possible to purchase a new dust shoe for the Inventables dust control system? I tried an experiment with mine and… Well…


Is is possible to purchase a new dust shoe? :blush:

I can find a new brush, a new insert plate, and the whole dust control system, but not just the shoe.

not sure if you can just buy that part but you can get the specs from here if you want to try to make one.

My “experiment” was that I super-glued the brush into the channel on the shoe (mine kept popping out during carves). I used a bit too much super glue, and it foamed out and around the brush while it was curing.

Fortunately, after it all hardened completely, none of the foamy bits actually bonded to anything, so I was able to use a small chisel and brushed wheel with a Dremel to clean it up. Dust shoe salvaged!

You can definitely buy the part from them, or download the cut file and make your own…

I’m doing a ton of modifications on mine, one is to mount the vacuum shoe to the Z axis - so that it moves with the router not fixed. With that I’ll be modifying the brush to be clipped in rather be pressure fit.

Here is the vacuum base modified using an extra 611 lower collar. I cut about an inch off the top, and a 1/3rd from the mounting sleeve on the z base. I’ll upload more more soon.

You have to request it from the support team - it isn’t available on the Inventables site (without purchasing the entire dust collection kit).