[New Feature] New editing tools

The new usability is amazing I just think that there should be a way to type the line length while drawing, or the angle.

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Yes…That thing is great! I have a couple of designs that I did with it, but have been waiting until an announcement to post anything.

The pen tool is fantastic! The best part is that we are able to edit most of the primitives as well using their nodes.

You should be able to edit any shape by double clicking it.

That’s good to know. I only tried the square and circle.

I also really like that double clicking when placing an end node allows us to make open shapes (e.g. lines). That’s really opens up a lot of projects that were inaccessible before.

Are there any plans to add some form of grid snapping?

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Would be good to be able to type in the location of points to get exact coords.


Hi, I really appreciate the new features, however I encountered an odd problem today. I created some SVG files in Inkscape and used easel to generate the Gcode and exported it. I run it through GRBL controller which has always worked great but today whenever I would run a program the machine would stop at the first node? have the new features altered how the Gcode is generated?
Thank you

i made some quick test and it look realy nice
many thanks for upgrading easel more and more !

next step circular arc function ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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@RaphaelPascual can you please explain what you mean by circular arc function?

@BradT can you please explain more about what you mean by some form of grid snapping? The tool has orthogonal snapping. How do you want the snapping to work?

@Andy4us are you thinking that you would enter a value or combine your idea with @BradT and by snapping to the grid you instantly get precise dimensions?

@KerryOgle are you hoping to see the distance in real time as you drag the cursor?

@Zach_Kaplan we can make circle, but not part of like a chees part, or a pie, pizza xD duno the name in english sorry

it will be verry usefull to be able to make a part of a circle with fixed radius and angle, or point of start and point of finish and radius value. like if i want u draw a precise parenthesis like this -> (
or a quarter of circle “outlined”

for the moment i use the fonction “combine” to “erase” the part i dont want… but many times it goes realy messy =(

i hope i was clear enough

Draw a triangle, then “edit points” and you can use the “curve” function to make something very close to what you’re talking about.

this is what i want to do, with radius value

I love it,works great. Now if we could have a tool that allows us to vary the depth over a shape, that would be great!

Our very own Jules Woodard made this awesome octopus jewelry stand using the curve editing tool.


Yes! Dimensioning would be so sweet.

That may be over kill, I’d be fine with selecting two nodes in edit mode and setting the distance.

In much the same way you can set coords for a shape, be able to set the cords for a point. Just like the poistion box on the shape tab without the 5 point selector. This would be in addition to snap. to a grid. Maybe add a new tab to “cut/shape/point”, the coords of the point could go in there, as well as the endpoints box. This would cut down on the amount of screen real estate being used as well.

Looking into this now, thanks for reporting.

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