New Feature Request - Ability to radius a single corner

One of the most advanced and refine elements of what we do is the ability to do radius on corners. However with Easel you cannot do that for complex shapes. I would love the ability to radius an individual corner! PPPLLLEAAASSSE!!!

that option is available, round corner and Goto node edit and square off corners you want to be square

Teach me please, I’d love to learn your trick, because I’m not seeing the option you are referring to.

Here’s the project:

Here’s the Task:

Indeed, the automated radius feature is only available for simple rectangles. That is the only time, as far as I am aware, you would be able to radius the corners and then go back and square off the ones you did not want to have a radius using the node editing feature.

You can achieve what the OP is talking about by going through multiple steps, but it is not automated nor is it just an “available” feature. It takes a few steps to accomplish it especially with a complex shape, and there are several points where one could mess it up just a little resulting in the end product not being 100% correct.


Brandon Parker

Once again you can only radius a simple rectangle. Anything else you cannot do so there is no option to re-square a corner…
Honestly, this is one of those little things I work around and settle for less than optimal results all of the time. BTW I run into this several times a week during designing.


Well, this part is actually doable using the node-editing feature. You can even produce a radius using it, but there is nothing built into Easel to get the shape exactly correct using the node-editing feature.


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it can be done

Yes, one can do almost anything because there are basic shapes and the ability to edit any regular vector object, but there is a difference between being able to do something using various steps and stating that the feature in question is available as an option.

The OP, in my opinion, is stating that a feature for clicking on a point that makes up an inside/outside corner and then setting up a radius (like what can be done for basic rectangles currently) is a feature that would be nice to have.

Even providing a radius to an inside corner is doable, it is a pain to get 100% correct sometimes since you can not currently line up objects to specific points or tangent to other specific lines (those that are not vertical or horizontal to be precise). This only took 3 objects to radius the bottom inside corner of the star, but it took some fiddling with the placements to get things exactly correct. This fiddling is what the OP wants to be automatically taken care of with a “new feature” …

Just to clarify, providing examples of how to work around obstacles or produce an outcome that a new feature would provide is great, but we just can’t say that the new feature is already there as an option when it is clearly not.


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:thinking: But that did not follow the steps you provided prior. :man_shrugging:

:point_up:That’s correct.

Suffice to say. I’ve moved this thread into the Features Request section.

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