New Features: Project Archiving and DXF Import

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released two new features to all Easel users today:

Project Archiving
This feature lets you download a ZIP archive of your project to your local computer for safekeeping. You can read more about this feature and how to use it here:

DXF Import
This feature lets you import files in a format saved by popular tools such as AutoCad, Fusion 360 and more directly into Easel without having to convert them yourself. You can read more about this feature and how to use it here:

Thanks to all the community members who participated in early access testing of these features and helped us get them ready for release. You were a huge help!



When I have downloaded the zip file and extract it in a folder
it was empty, why ?

Hi Kristian,

I’m not sure why that would happen. Could you please contact and provide more details about your project, what type of computer and operating system you are using, and which download option you selected (current workpiece or all workpieces). Thanks!

For those who use Fusion 360, here’s an [admittedly old] discussion of how to prepare DXF files from your projects:

This does bring up a question, though: DXF format includes curves; will Easel still be converting those into steps/lines, or does Easel now allow for curves?

We support importing DXF files with curves (just like we do with SVG files). Easel will still convert curves into small segments when generating g-code.

Love the archive ad. Thanks for keeping on making it better.

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Lovin the new features Jeff, thanks !

Hi Jeff.

I just tried the Project Export Feature of easel with the intention of getting an SVG file of the 2D outline.

All I get on the ZIP file is a gcode file (.nc) and a settings file.

This is the project:

Does the export project feature no longer include the SVG file?

Thank you.


Hi Peter,

It looks like your project consists entirely of imported g-code. The project archiving feature only exports SVGs for projects designed in Easel.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply.

The project isn’t mine :grinning: it was one I found on the Inventables project page. I just wanted to try the export feature. I guess the author must have imported the g-code from another program.

Thanks again for the explanation.


Are you bringing back .DXF importing capability??

Disregard, I just noticed you moved it too the left side from the top. Change the illustration maybe??