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At the rate this company is going with this , I was wondering when they’re going to start charging money to simply power their machines on?


What do you mean exactly?

The “pro” features that ate locked behind a subscription fee. I spent over three grand on your machine and I used to at least get so many “pro” feature uses a month. That is gone now. Now I cant even use a simple V-bit without having to trick your software. The fact that you want a subscription fee after someone spend a substantial amount of money already just feels like unabashed greed.

Firstly, @VilmosKertesz isn’t the one you’ve got issue with, he’s a customer just like yourself… as am I. So no need for the somewhat accusatory “you” and “your” statements, he’s not an Inventables representative (nor am I).

However to the point of the post. . . new machines include 3 years of Easel Pro along with the purchase, so if you purchased it new from Inventables it should have 3 years of Pro usage before you have to decide whether you want to pay for it or pick a different option. Possibly your machine was ordered under a different email account than your Easel was setup with and the 3 years wasn’t activated as a result. You might want to contact Inventables support directly as they do not 100% check these forum for issues like this. I would call with your order information on hand and ask how to activate the 3 years of Pro…

But IF you had purchased the machine 2nd hand; it isn’t really a secret what is and is not included in Easel Free version, there is a FAQ page that identifies the differences between Pro (Paid) and Basic (Free) Easel. Unless you think you were deceived into making a purchase and were lied to about what was included, it’s kinda the purchasers responsibility to ask questions and research the costs involved.
If we go to the Easel page and scroll to the bottom the Free vs Pro is clearly identified in a chart, with another chart on the FAQ page as well. Easel | Free CNC Software | Inventables

Whether you agree with the subscription of software method or not, my point is that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the software isn’t all inclusive for free with the price of the machine. There were terms of purchase as well that identified the Easel Pro included terms and conditions.

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My bad on the accusatory language. I thought I was speaking to Inventables staff. But I did purchase my machine new. It was several years ago and like I said, I was allotted X number of pro carves a month and there was no 3 free years. My problem is that Inventables is changing the rules while playing the game. I was a big advocate for their machines and even convinced a few people to go with them. I am a hobbyist but am no stranger to the CNC world. For my job I have operated million+ dollar CNC machines and certified on professional CAD & CAM software that is upwards of $35K for a license. Easel is at best an okay cloud based software. They should include it with their machines. At the very least they shouldn’t bait and switch their older customers.

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Oh, the change from 4 free pro days Every month forever Over to 30 consecutive Pro days occurred in April-ish 2020. However those with 4 free days monthly are still grandfathered in with that 4 free days program. So you should still be able to use 4 free days without issue, they did change the program, but only for brand new customers and there was a month or so ahead of time they made the announcement as I recall… So I don’t see anything they’ve done as a bait and switch. They increased the price of Pro January 2022 but also gave people like 2 months to decide whether or not to purchase 3 years at the OLD price (plus an upfront payment discount)… and also NOTHING is stopping anynbody from buying solidworks and solidCAM for $10,000 . . OR Aspire for $2,000 . . Or Fusion360 for $500/yr . . .Or Carveco for $15/month.

The X-Carve is most definitely not Tied to Easel whatsoever, it’s not like they are forcing anybody to pay for their software, for every Pro user it is a personal choice. . . .

Do you have any examples of CNC’s under $8K that include a CAD/CAM software. Even most up to 20K don’t include the CAD/CAM side, then above that price they are just building the cost of 3rd party software into the sale price of the machine anyway. So IF you were to receive a lifetime license to Easel along with your X-Carve then the machine price would have had to have been more like $10,000. And I seriously doubt anyone would pay that for an X-Carve even with a lifetime of Easel.


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That’s strange, when I purchased my X-Carve I received an Easel Pro license with it.

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