New Feeds & Speeds!

Hey Y’All!

I’m excited to announce a big update to Easel’s recommended cut settings! Over the last few months, we’ve been working with @JDM to systematically identify problems with our recommended values, after seeing an increase in the number of failed carves resulted from broken bits and carving that went off path. We started with an audit of the original recommended values, for all materials and bits within Easel. This gave us a baseline and further testing was then done to determine new recommended settings. A circle, diamond, square test pattern was used to evaluate the cut settings:

For the recommended settings to “pass,” certain criteria were required to be met, including that the bit didn’t break or chatter and no steps were skipped, among other criteria. These new recommended settings were then audited themselves, and to save time and duplicate work were limited to the three most often used materials, using a more real world carving scenario to evaluate.

So far, we’ve finished up testing of all materials and bits for our Carvey machine and those new recommended settings have been added to Easel. We’re in the process of finishing this up for the X-Carve and will post back when completed.

We hope these new settings will make you all more successful carvers! Big shout out to @JDM for all of the work he’s put in, can’t thank you enough! We’ll continue to work on improving these settings in the future, so please feel free to let us know what you think!


Are you going to make a list of recommended bits for each material? Are these recommendations based on bits size as well? I think the forum would benefit from a spreadsheet that shows speeds, feeds, material, and bits/bit-size used. I know as a new user to CNC this would have been great to use and have right off the bat.

Casey, The first round was done for the 16 materials included in the drop down menu.

We can certainly start our own list of materials for comparison. HIPS (hi impact polystyrene sheet) has very similar working properties to ABS for example.

I have also logged a large library of settings with bits other than those suggested in the Easel defaults. The software team is constantly working to keep Easel moving forward.


Thank you for taking the time to conduct the speed and feed audits.

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Hey folks,

Recommended cut settings for the X-Carve have also been added to Easel! Another shout out to @JDM for all the additional testing.