New grbl function in easel "override"

I love the speed override in easel,one small request though , could you add a visual speed percentage meter?

No the dewalt 611, feedrate override has been added in easel. Up by the carve button but a percentage readout would be good.

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I believe that you have to have Easel Local version 3.3 and grbl 1.1.

Grbl 1.1 I think plus new easel driver has on the fly overide for feedrate.

It works really well used it on a big vcarve project last night

If there was a way to post a pic from my phone I’d show you

Here it is !


Ohh lol it’s just a left and a right button in the top right after the carve starts.

I updated to both 3.3 Easel and 1.1f Grbl… was unable to replicate the feedrate speed during a carve.

@FatKatOne are you able to share more deets … a screen shot during a carve would be helpful…

Here’s what it looks like on my machine…

Very cool … I notice you are using Apple… I am using Chrome… will try a few other browsers.

Thanks for the pic!


: Have tried MS Edge - Microsoft Edge 38.14393.1066.0 - with no success
Chrome - Version 57.0.2987.133 - with no success
FireFox - 52.0.2 (32-bit) - with no success

Check the origin of your version of grbl 1.1f.

There are compile time options that may or may not be selected in the version you are trying to use.

Maybe @FatKatOne could post the .hex file for the version of 1.1f that he has running successfully.

:grimacing: I have no idea how to get that …

I got mine from here …

@LarryM can you confirm if this release feels right to you.

here is the zip i downloaded a while back… (447.9 KB)

No, but it’s only because I have not used it. I’m not ready to move to 1.1f at this time. I usually give a new release six months to a year to get stabilized before I spend much time with it. Just a personal preference.


Is this new file laser compatible like Larry’s others?

Thx… will downgrade tomorrow.

Version 1.1f does have laser support, with improvements that go beyond the version that I released.

I have not tested 1.1f, but I have reports that it has problems at high feed rates needed for some of the higher powered laser modules (6 watts laser output).

Thanks for that.