New guy here looking to purchase machine

Hi, I’m playing with easel and tryng to put a picture that I have onto it and not sure how to do it.
I’ve been checking out different cnc machines and programs and some of them you can just download from your computer file and they appear and ready to manipulate but seems easel wants specific svg or gcode and not just a drop and drag from lets say a jpg image.
Any help would be greatful because I seen this machine at Rockler Store and seems better then the Carvewright, but Carvewright program is much easier.
Any tips would be greatfull because what I seen of this cnc I am liking because of cost.
Any tips or help? Thank you.

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There’s an Easel app called Image Trace or similar. Look at that.

Don’t let the limitations of Easel influence your choice of machine. Many folks here use whatever other software to generate their g-code and then send it directly to the machine, without Easel.

Thanks all, let me try to figure this out :slight_smile: