New guy, new build

Started assembling my 1000mm machine today. Worked for about 4 hours and got to the first homing switch step. I have carpal tunnel and numb fingers so it has been difficult. Definitely need better hex keys as my fingers are quite sore.

A few of my v wheels did not slide on freely. On examination, I noticed that the holes were partially obstructed by what looked like a washer. I centered them up and they went on fine. However, I noticed that one of the v wheels does not turn quite as freely as the others, just slightly. I hope that is OK.


About to resume building. I took the waste board to the shop and did some measuring. Rails are parallel but corner to corner is out by a little less than a 1/16. Cannot seem to get it perfect. Am I close enough for good projects?


Have you seen this? Says 1/32 is your good enough point

Had not seen that. Avery useful. Thanks!