New guy with CNC questions

Hey everybody. Hope this winter is treating you well. Now that I’ve been frozen out of my shop for a while I’ve been nosing around the net for some new ideas and came across what was probably a more popular art form in the 70s, but is still quite captivating…parametric wall art design (pic below)…which of course led quickly to studying the gorgeous CNC machines that produce these designs and their associated software.

I like the tiling feature the X Carve Pro offers but I haven’t read about it being offered on any other CNC machine. What Inventables calls ‘tiling’ is where you can cut pieces larger than your CNC table by sliding your wood/material through and let it do one section at a time.

  1. Is there any way to make the AVID PRO 510 do this tiling function or is this something only Xcarve has right now?

  2. V Carve Pro is SO expensive! Is there ANY way to get it cheaper than it’s retail price? I’ve seen where you can get an activation code if you’re part of an educational group, so wonder if that could be cheaper. Also, would be nice to be able to split a subscription with someone.

  3. I believe I’ve seen where Fusion 360 was suggested as a good program to use if you’re working with parametric designs. Any opinions on this?

  4. And last, I’m still searching for the best forum to ask these kinds of CNC and software questions. If there’s a more appropriate place than here please do let me know.



The cnczone used to be the forum that covered everything. These days FB has a page or pages for each individual machine you could think of. The Easel App called Bezier generator might be something you want to play with. I have no experience with it, but it does something similar I believe, perhaps not as complex as what you are showing. Fusion 360 is the popular 3d program now, I think because it was free for so long, but there are other 3d programs out there too.

V Carve Desktop has tiling feature.

Any CNC with an open front/back end can tile. It’s simply the function of aligning 2 carve jobs to have a seamless transition. Tiling has been done from the smallest desktop 3018 CNC’s to larger 8’x12’ cnc machines. Regarding software with built-in tiling Easel and Vcarve are the only that have a built in tiling function, however manual tiling is not too tough to accomplish and was the only method until a little over a year ago.

I’ve also seen this in certain circles where the university can purchase licenses at a cheaper price and issue then to their staff. A license owner can also re-sell their license if they later upgrade to a new version, there is a $50 transfer fee that vetric charges to facilitate the ownership transfer (at your own risk)

Yes, F360 is great for parametric designing. Any options? there’s a free hobbyist license however it’s setup for a hobbyist not a commercial enterprise, there is an Edicational License that doesn’t take more than a valid .edu email address.

Martin hit this one on the head, there are MANY machine and software specific FaceBook groups with users with vast knowledge in each of those specific areas, that said asking a Fusion360 question in an Avid group will not typically net the same quality responses as asking that same question in a group dedicated to Fusion360.

I’m in the process of making this piece. I shrunk the piece down to 24"x48", it’s 2 panels at 24"x24" mirrored. There are plenty of files for this kind of art that are cut from plywood and then stacked together with spacing between the straps. I’ll post photos of my progress

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