New Laser Forum in Town!

I am trying a forum that will consolidate the laser maker community. It is in extreme alpha so do not expect a lot to start. I do have grand ideas but will have to wait until the full time job, wife and life get out of the way! One can hope! So here it is warts and all. All feedback good and bad is welcome. Also looking for people who would like to moderate.

I have talked to Jay from Jtech and Jeff and John from PicEngrave and they said they would check the forums to help everyone who has questions. I made them their own forum sections too.

Please stop by and help get the party started! Pew! Pew!


I need a favor! Some people are having trouble accessing the new site. Please see if you are able to see the site. Just let me know if it loads for you.

A BIG Thanks!

I was able to access it via my iPhone.

I know this posting is kind of old but it looks like this laser forum needs some help. Newest post on it is 3 months old. Did some one give up on there project?

Hi Chris, I am the owner/operator of everythingthinglasers. The site is still alive, in fact I just renewed the hosting site so on it goes!

It can take awhile for sites to take off. There are also a lot of “personalities” that make or break a site. I have high hopes that it will eventually be an active site. I am good friends with everyone who runs the other sites and software mentioned on ETL. In fact All-Tek Systems forum is hosted on my forum. Unfortunately Scott has some health issues and is unable to continue with his endeavors at the moment.

Yes it can be lonely out in the forum world but Inventables was not built in a day! :grin:

Thanks for asking,