New Makita mount

Courier just delivered these - new mounts for the Makita Rt0701 router! From a local supplier so it’s only been a few days wait for delivery
Anodised aluminium, mounting plate is from a Shapeoko 2. There’s also a new delrin nut for the ACME rod, handy to have a spare.
The existing (borrowed) mount can go back on the other CNC router with the water cooled spindle (which will fit in this new mount too)

EDIT: A brief panic moment when neither a 5mm or a 6mm bolt will fit the plate mounting holes. Turns out that they are not tapped.:blush:


All installed. It’s a lot more solid than my DIY mount I was using. A bit of waste board levelling and I’ll give it a try.
It sits closer to the makerslide than the previous mount which means that the limit switch doesn’t contact the back plate. A small aluminium piece will fix that.

After viewing @AngusMcleod’s painstaking work on getting his X-Carve worktable ready, I felt I should have spent a bit more time getting my X-Carve properly levelled rather than just chucking it on the table and bolting it down. Half an hour with a dial gauge and a digital caliper adjusting a few screws in both the table and the X-Carve has gotten me within 0.3mm level, corner to corner. Much better than the 1mm or so I was trying to compensate for with a surfacing pass.
The main issue now is do I fill the room with MDF dust during the surfacing or do I build a (basic) dust shoe first?

Geoff, I’m in Australia too! where did you get the 1-2-3 block from? I have the same chisels and I think magnetic base holder thing as you.

Not creepy everyone! just limited choices here in oz. All that other stuff I haven’t seen before.

Not sure on the 123 blocks, I’ve had them for some years. I think I got them from CDCO (in Chicago). That of course was back when the $A was a lot stronger and USPS rates were lower.

If I was after some now, I’d try Ausee Machinery. These are Stevenson blocks which are metric
and they can be screwed together as they should, unlike the cheap Chinese ones I have.

thank you!

Just when I thought I could get carving, my CNC controller fails!

Went to do a surfacing job on the waste board now that everything is nice and level but Linuxcnc is showing a fault indication from the controller, a Gecko G540, and refusing to start. No FAULT LED on the G540 and the ERROR signal on pin 15 of the parallel port is LOW, which it should be. I’m hoping it’s not the parallel port as getting another suitable PC that has one, could be difficult not to mention time consuming.

Enough X-Carving for the week, I’ll get back to working on my 3d printer instead…

EDIT: A quick check before it got dark shows that the G540 is working as it should (low pin 15 with no FAULT), linuxcnc hal-meter shows e-stop as FALSE. This doesn’t get me any closer to fixing it but at least it confirms the hardware is doing as it should.