New member question - Work size


New X-carve purchaser here…

It is on the way… wondered about cutting size… one website says it can work up to
39.37” x 39.37”

other one says 31.5" and one other says 29.5"

so confused a bit… I need to order aluminum sheets to work but couldn’t be sure for the size…
Can you please help me about it?

750mm=25.93 inches

You may want to investigate this:

It appears that the wasteboard is 940 x 998 mm.

30300-03.pdf - GrabCAD

The waste board is 39.312" X 37". Your cutting area is 30" X 30", but you can tile with the Y axis. You may be able to get 31.5" out of it, The largest I have surfaced is a 30" square


Easel only does 2D. VCarve does 3D depending on what level you buy and its purpose built for carving and engraving. Fusion is terrific, but it isn’t focused on engraving, since it can do most anything and is really overkill for what you’re wanting to do. If you get really into CNC or 3D design, then look at Fusion.

I carved some designs in door frame trim, obviously longer than the less than one meter cutting length. I used a repeating design, repeated 3 times, for a total length of 6’ 8". Using a board that was overwide by 1 inch, I had x=carve put a registration mark at the ends of the design on one edge of the board. Clamped alongside the work piece was straight edge that took 1/2 of the registration marks. After the design was cut I moved the workpiece so the upper registration lined up with the lower registration and carved the second of the carvings. Be sure the straaightedge does not move when moving the workpiece. Sadly, can’t get any wider along the x-axis quite as easily.