New or Used? Decision Time

Since the first step of getting help is admitting you have a problem: Hi, my name is John and I want an X-Carve. Whew…

There is used “Version 1” that is for sale locally. It’s assembled and has a table that comes with it and it’s a decent price. So the big question is: do I spend $300-$00 more for the newer version and then assemble it and build a table or is the used one a doable option.Thanks for any thoughts, opinions, ideas or alternates.

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The original machines are fine when used w/in their limitations w/ suitable feeds-and-speeds. Easily upgraded if need be — Inventables has kits / parts, and the techniques used for the Shapeoko apply as well:

If you are new to the world of CNC, then I would highly recommend you buy the kit new and build your own. There is no better way to understand the machine than to build it yourself. Knowing how it is put together and then going through the tuning and calibration will teach you 90% of what you need to know about keeping the machine working correctly. The other 10% is from using it and making mistakes.


What AllenMassey said is exactly why I ordered the new one even though it’s just killing me to wait for the delivery (estimated 3 week wait).


There is no better learning tool available to you!
Build your own!!!
Build your own!!!

I hadn’t even considered the learning experience of assembly in the equation. That seems like a huge advantage over a used one. New it is. Now if only I could use PayPal and get 6 months interest free - but no!

Thanks for the great advice.