"New" Projects

I love looking at the Projects, but if you repeatedly visit it, you have to sift through all the ones you’ve already seen to find anything that’s new. It would be very useful for me if in addition to the existing categories, recently uploaded Projects appear in a “New” category in addition to showing in their native category. Then after a fixed amount of time, say a month or so, it only appears in the category. My $0.02.


I second that thought.

Would it be better to have more of a “news feed”?

I’m personally not a fan of the news feed format. I would prefer a “New Projects” category on the landing page newest at the top, then they age off.

Zach, how about putting new projects at the top?

If it is possible a “New Projects” category that then breaks down to today, yesterday, this week, this month.

Or something along that line. But a date or order of upload would be very nice.

So you are saying within this category if you post a reply it doesn’t move the topic to the top it always stays in order chronologically?

Yes, with a chronological order of uploaded projects, when we get to the projects that we have seen before, then we know that we have browsed through all of the new projects.