New purchase with quiet spindle

I’m thinking of purchasing the x-carve 1000x1000. But i’m not interested in the router itself, I would much rather have the spindle. So question is… I should be able to just exclude the router from the purchase and add the Quiet Cut Spindle (30416-01) Power Supply (30353-01) and the Speed Controller (30417-01) and be all good?

You will need a spindle mount that matches the spindle.

Added to the cart. Thanks!!

Why would you want the quiet spindle instead of the Dewalt 611?

It’s quiet. And the speed control.

Those are nice features, but you are giving up a lot of power and reliability. The quiet spindle was one of the standard options in the beginning, but there were a lot of reported issues. So Inventables made the Dewalt the standard option.

If sound reduction is a something you must have, you may want to look at some of the water or air cooled spindles with VFD on eBay. They are much more reliable, very quiet, have plenty of power and excellent speed control. It will cost more money up front, but it will last much longer and be much more robust.

I would just hate to see you get an underpowered spindle and be unhappy with your X-Carve purchase.

That was true for the original 24 volt spindle.

I haven’t seen any complaints for the 48 volt quiet cut spindle.

Good point, I have not seen as much information on the 48 volt version, however from the power rating it appears to have significantly less power/torque than the Dewalt.

I would expect that to be the case. Just depends on matching the tool to the requirements. Maybe quiet and variable speed is worth the tradeoff.

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I ran a 48v spindle for a long time, but it failed on me eventually. I too bought the spindle for its controllability and quiet running nature, but I switched over to the makita after the spindle bit the dust. The makita, when at lowest speed, is only marginally louder than the spindle. At low speed, the sound you will mostly hear is the cutting bit against the material it is removing.

Losing the speed control was also not an issue for me as it is much easier to dial in speed with the selector dial on the makita than it was to stop a program and increase/decrease speed on the router. The only downside I have seen is the lack of ability to drop below 10000 rpm on the makita(16000 on the dewalt). Slower speeds can be helpful depending on the type of material you hope to cut.


On a setting of 1 my Makita runs at 8600 rpm right out of the box. I put a modification on it to make it variable speed via G-code.

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