New Ramping feature missing?

Hi all - was wondering if anyone has been able to use the newly announced ramping feature? I’m using pro and have installed the latest Easel driver for the MAC but I don’t see the option to specify Ramping settings? I’m using a Millright CNC Mega V

Not released yet. “Coming soon”

Hi Alfredo, Neil is correct. We had a few last tweaks to work on for offset/raster pocket geometry but we expect to release into beta very soon. Once we release it I will make a forum post and we will likely send an email as well. Thanks for your patience. - Ben


Thanks Ben! Much appreciate the response. Can’t wait to test it out.

Hi Ben, one follow up question… How does one sign up for Betas testing the new features? I couldn’t find the option in Easel.

Hi AJ. Here is a helpful tutorial which has the instructions. It is really easy to turn on and once on you will have access to any feature we include in beta testing.

thanx…this solved my problem…my ramp angles is back again.