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New "Replicator" app

@rodovich is there anyway to have a imperial to
Metric conversion for the spacing? It might seem small but I do almost all of my measurements in metric. It would help out a lot. Other than that… Wonderful, mostly. Also as others have said, needs to preserve cut depth. If I have a 2mm pocket with a smaller diameter 4mm pocket inside will it just make both pockets holes?

I think we will need to come up with a common units management method within apps. If we can get what units the user is using in the main 2D view to prepopulate this, even better.

I guess as the apps API matures this sort of building block will become more common and useful as I expect will others.

Nick, a work-around would be to select alternating columns of the triangles, then mirror the selected items. Depending on your design, this may only work for isosceles triangles. You would want to rearrange the layers, or combine rows so that the toolpath isn’t jumping all over.

I think a shape packing app could be pretty useful (although I suspect finding the best arrangement is NP-hard).