New Router

Help! My Dewalt 611 just quit on me. I’ve used that router for only 7 months. Can anyone suggest a router that may be better than the Dewalt. I have orders piling up for signs and I am beside myself.

You probably only need to put a set of brushes in it. If you use it a lot you may have worn the brushes out.


Did you replace the carbon brushes of the motor of Dewalt 611?? I have been using this router for the last 3 years and you have to replace the carbon brusher of the motor every 350 to 400 hours of use.

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Had a bit of time this morning, decided to look at my Dewalt router brushes. Guess I looked in the nick of time. I figure I have been using the x-Carve for about 11 months, regularly. I am guessing I have 350-400 hours on this router. Good thing I opted to purchase a 4-pack awhile ago. Front side was easy. Back side, was more difficult, so I removed the router for access, and was able to do a little housekeeping/cleaning of the area behind the router. All good now.