New setup and motors going crazy

hello I got my 500x500 fully assembled and started the setup. when it does the configuration and I try to move the axis is moves and jerks in all directions by itself. I’ve double checked everything and can’t find anything wrong. any help would be appreciated

Check your stepper wire connections again, 99% of the time it’s that

I have checked them again and still same issue. it will not move when I try to move with setup and it moves on its own

All of them. All three axis just randomly moves and I’m not touching anything

Magnetic interference might be the problem. Check to see if any bad light fixtures-bad brush motors ETC around you.
Same movement was happening when we start with 24V DC Spindle back in time. Just an idea.

As Allan said, I am a firm believer in making sure your machine is 100000000% grounded. I’ve had my machine do some off the wall things. I think 90% of the “strange” things people experience is due to poor grounding. Connect a stranded wire from your X carriage through your cable chain to your Y plate and from there to the riser on the back of your machine. (If your cable chain goes that way). Then connect a wire to the ground connection on your power supply. NOT the negative but the ground. This will ground you to the earth ground of your house/garage.

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Mine started doing the same thing after installing OS High Sierra on Mac. The machine moves itself to the right and down constantly until it starts hitting itself. It ignores all other commands.

Hey joe what did you do to fix the problem? I’m still having issues and have not gotten to use my xcarve