New Software Downloard

Trying to utilize the Easel software to carve something and received a message that I needed to download the new version. I downloaded the version and ran it but now I can’t get the machine to carve (the carve button won’t turn green). When I push the Carve button, it gives me a message to download the new version. I’ve gone through the process 3 times and have rebooted the machine multiple times but no success. Looking for help.

I’ve recently gotten into the same issue and am working with Inventables to troubleshoot it.
What operating system/version are you running on? I’m experiencing this with Windows 10.

If you go into the command line in the directory EaselLocal is installed to and type:
nssm status EaselLocal

do you see:


In my case I’m running on Windows 10 and see SERVICE_PAUSED.
If I start a command prompt as administrator and cd \EaselLocal
I can run:
node iris.js

which starts up fine and then Easel can connect, but if I run
nssm start EaselLocal
the service does not start. So it seems to be an issue of how the service is configured with nssm.

I unloaded (deleted) the new software and loaded the previous version and it’s working again.