New to CNC and X Carve - Work 0 appears to shift during cutting

Hi all,
I just finished assembling the X carve and I have made a few test runs making some waste board clamps and a corner square. After that I am trying to do my first assembly project. I have made a design as in the picture below.

After cutting the first cutout the second one is happening way above the actual position as in the picture below.

I stopped the cutting and the spindle returned to a position directly above my original work 0. I have no idea how this is happening. I have tried several times and the work 0 is shifting randomly each time.

Any help to resolve this issue is much appreciated…


If your zero is moving you are loosing steps somewhere. Check your belts and see if they are as tight as they are supposed to be. If everything is right and tight your work zero should return to the same place every time.

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Hi…Thanks… I found out what is the flow but I don’t know the solution. If we make the machine Jog along the Y axis at some positions the right motor is not in synchronization with the left. That is when it is missing steps. I increased the belt tension a little more, but that does not seem to have any effect. I am also worried if the belt tension is too much.

Check to make sure all the connections to the y axis steppers are secure. I would even redo and reconnect them. Also check to make sure the wheels are firm on the extrusion.

This advise was spot on. one of the wires from the Y Left motor had come off from the header (crimped pins). I had to take out that pin and solder the broken wire and push the pin back in place. That solved the problem. Thanks a lot for the help…