New to cnc

I’m new to the whole cnc world I’m looking to buy a x-carve and was wanting to know if it is as easy as it looks

yes and NO! lol I have had mine since august and still learning stuff.

I’ve had my x carve for a year now and love it. I knew absolutely nothing about cnc before my purchase. I even had trouble with Easel when I began. Now, I find Easel very easy to work with and have also purchased Vcarve desktop. What seemed almost impossible in the beginning now are only small challenges that makes it a joy to go into the shop daily. You will always learn something new everyday. You will also have problems that must be solved, from software and design to mechanical. You have lots of moving parts on your machine. Creating a checklist helps to minimize problems. I have never had so much enjoyment going into the shop since I got my cnc. This forum has many great people that can help you on your journey. I’m still learning everyday


“Easy” is a relative term. What’s easy for one person might be hard for another. Ask yourself if you have a need for a CNC machine. Do you like to learn new things? Do you like working with wood, plastics, and/or metal? How comfortable are you with CAD or CAM software (or at least learning it). Are you good with learning about how to use a new tool? CNC machines are not magic, but they can be magical. If you can invest some time into learning some CNC basic terminology, it will be well spent and could become the starting point of a life long CNC love affair.


I love to work with all the items listed and is always willing to learn new things thanks for taking the time to reply

Read as much of these forums as your time will permit. There is a wealth of information and just about any question you can think of has already been asked. These folks are great here and VERY helpful if you do come up with something no one has thought of before. Good luck!