New to Easel - Using two paths to create a fill cut

Hey everyone, first post in the easel environment.

I’m getting ready to make files for a large assembly jig I am building. The jig will be used to locate 2" steel square tubing in a certain location for welding. The Jig consists of (6) sheets of melamine board with paths routed out for each stick of steel to drop into. All (6) sheets will fit together.

I’m having trouble using Easel to create a “fill” cut utilizing an outside and inside path. If the outside path is set to “fill” it doesn’t take the inner path into consideration. The paths used are DXF’s imported from AutoCAD / Solidworks 2018.

I assume I have to format my DXF a specific way to make this happen.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Screenshots of what I am talking about below.

Is it a single closed polyline or multiple separate objects in the AutoCAD DXF?

Make the project shareable too so that we can “play” with what is currently imported to help troubleshoot.
File–>share–>share with link–>save

Looking at it a bit.
The “outer” fill needs to be the depth of cut.
The “inner” fill needs to be a “put the stuff back” at a depth of 0… I think.

Kind of like add/subtract solids in AutoCAD.


Link for the project shared above, Both of the “outer” and “inner” are single closed polylines.

I made a quick sketch.
The outer is the “cut” fill.
The inner needs to be a “0 depth” fill.

See picture with the inner fill highlighted.

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I found a solution, based on your reply above. I didn’t realize there was a layers feature, I had the layers of my outlines reversed. Looks like it worked fine! Thank you!

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