New to easel

I keep getting a message every time I click on anything “ project out of date. This project has been modified by another instance of easel. If you wish to keep the changes in this window, you can make a copy.” How do I stop this, it’s very annoying and I just started

I use easel all the time and have not experienced this problem. Give the inventables support team a call. I’m sure that can answer this quickly and get you on the right path with your project

Post the outcome. I do many videos using easel for new people. This has had to happen to other people. If I could duplicate your problem and demonstrate the corrective action I’m sure that could help others.

I see this also on several occasions, designing on one computer and retrieving design/carving from a 2nd unit.

make sure your clock is set properly on your computer.

I have experienced this as well. Has only happened when I am opening file on a different computer than I used to create it

This happens when you have a project open in more than one window/tab and make changes in more than one of them. close the one you’re getting the error from, and switch to the other.

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