New to F Engrave

So far, I have only used Easel for my designs and carving but I want to try V carving.

I have ordered my V bits.

I have a test design ready to go in F Engrave.

What is the best/simplest way to get my G code to my X-Carve? Now that Easel imports G code, is that the best? Do I need to modify the G code first?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I’m using the Dewalt 611.

By hand.

Have you tried importing through Easel?

Is anyone using Easel to import G code from F Engrave?

I haven’t yet, but here is a gcode I just imported. I had to remove a couple of lines at the top…

G17 G64 P0.003 M3 S3000 M7

… and several lines that looked like this…

G2 X5.1230 Y0.9749 I-0.2445 J-0.0806 Z-0.1169

… then it imported.

I don’t have any experience importing/exporting/manipulating Gcode.

Can you (or anyone else) provide any more info?

Thanks for the settings. Finally got around to using F-engrave and I can’t believe how amazing it is.

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Hello, I’m currently just trying f engrave today myself and I haven’t tried running anything just yet, but I’m using the bosh colt router, do I need to go into settings on f engrave aswell and enter those same settings too?

ok, thank you kindly sir! ill giver a try asap