Just wanted to say hello to all and I look forward to learning much from everyone and maybe I can give some input as well! I just recently bought a machine and from tracking, looks like it will be here this Friday, odd though being it Friday the 13th.

Anyhow, thanks for having me and I have ton’s of idea’s and look forward to learning ton’s as well!


Semper Fi


You’ll enjoy the machine, just approach it with the attitude that you’re learning something new, you’re at the cutting edge of DIY machining and you’re a hobbyist who’s part of a group that are making up the rules as they go.

When you get stuck, make errors, cant understand something or just get frustrated, be sure to post your issues in the appropriate group and you’ll find there’s a large number of very clever and skilled people here that are very generous with their time and experience (and then there’s other well intentioned folk like me…).

You’ll love what this new toy can do.


Welcome @ReneMorales

Like @DavidWestley said, with the right attitude and a bit of patience, you’re gonna live building your X-Carve. Have fun and take your time. It will definitely pay off.

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Get a T handle star bit driver! Self threading my a$$, you’ll see what I mean. If you need help
Message me, I have assembly experience from the novice perspective. Have fun!

As @Frosty intimates, some folk have had some difficulties in assembly. Oddly enough (to me, anyway), a good many people have had problems attaching the end plates to the rails.

The general rules of thumb apply:

  • Don’t force things. If the self-tapping screws are tight, remove them, lubricate them and then try again. You may need to do this multiple times. If the screw is “really” tight, STOP. Breaking a hardened steel screw off inside a soft aluminium rail, is something that is “challenging” for a tradie to remove; for the average DIY person, it’s almost impossible.
  • Watch the Inventables assembly videos multiple times, and make sure you have them available during the assembly. Some critical items are easily missed.
  • Pay particular attention to terminal pin numbers, wire colours, washer placement etc. A tiny tiny error can mean nothing happens when you first fire it up.

Once you’ve built it, you’re halfway there. Read the forum entries on:

  • Adjusting the voltage/current ‘pots’ (potentiometers) on the controller - this is something that really needs to be added into the instructions.
  • Tensioning the belts and securing their ends

Each time you get stuck:

  • go back through the instruction videos & images
  • come back here and ask - almost inevitably, someone here has had the same problem and come up with the solution

Have fun…



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As you assembly the X-Carve, pay a lot of attention to keeping things square and note how you can adjust after the build is completed if something is not square.