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Good morning,
I am new to the CNC world and have made several projects that have turned out great I have been asked to try doing some work with our local PD that involves carving the badge. I have several photos of the badge and need to transfer them to a SVG file or on that I can use. Any ideas? I will also need to modify the badge from time to time to change the Rank, badge number and even add a black ribbon.
thank you for your help

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google jpg to svg.

If you can get a svg if the badge from the department, that would be ideal… I would still use inkscape to do the changes for badge number, title, adding ribbons, etc.

I’ve done a few from image trace and the adding text using inkscape text on a shape shape function
It isn’t the easiest task, but its doable…

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this might help?

don't need no stinking badge

@Ken4 Is that for me?
I’m sure the OP doesn’t need RSO.

I was providing an example of what could be done with an image trace of a badge.

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it’s for whoever would like to use it, or it can be google captain deputy badge

Thank you for your reply

thank you for your reply

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Found this guy on Facebook, typically $20-$25. Files are perfect when I get them. He is overseas everything through Messenger, PayPal, and email

salman shakil

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