New to the group

I have studied most of the site and have learned much. I have had my X-Carve for about a month now and I love it. I have made several projects so far including a Valentine’s gift for my wife. I also am learning Inkscape. The learning curve has been steep but very enjoyable. I started with no knowledge at all to the whole CNC experience. Just learned how to add a picture.


Wow. That is amazing, a month in and I was still breaking things.

Really nice project. I’m a month in and have yet to do anything as clever. 3 day weekend ahead of me and looking forward to being creative.

YouTube and the people here have been great. I have learned so much from this forum. Thank you.

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Thank you. The basic drawing was from google. Did all work in Inkscape. Brought drawing into Easel and added text and off to the CNC. Can’t see the edge in this photo but I put a 45 degree cut on the router table. The edge was painted black as well. It was a fun and learned a lot

Thank you. I he followed many of you posted through out the forum. You do an awesome job helping others through the hobby. I certainly learned much from you.

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Wow just read what I thought I typed. I can see that spell check is going crazy. I will proof before posting. Thanks again for all you do

Do you have any suggestions for reading other than this forum? Also, how did you learn the Inkspace portion? Your videos are very helpful and I’m doing my best to learn from the forum. I think I’m about halfway putting mine together

@Wylie. Hopefully you will be able to learn a lot from my channel. That was one of the reasons I started the channel. I remember the problems that I had in the beginning. Also, there are many YouTube videos on any topic you can think of when you get started. Some are good and some are a little crazy. There are also FB groups that are very helpful. I don’t know much about FB. Much of your learning will be trail and error. Take it slow and you will be surprised how fast you learn. I’ll help with any questions that you have. I do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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I really appreciate that. Thank you!

I dont know anything about Facebook either.

Hi Phillip, I just got my X-carve back together after a long break, and as most of my old X-carve bookmarks have lots of posts by the other Phil removed they are pretty useless now. I just had a look at your Youtube channel and see lots of great stuff there so I’ll be hopefully getting up to scratch in the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing the information.