New to X-Carve and CNCs

Hi y’all. I am extremely new to X-Carve and to CNC machines in generally. My school has a X-Carve available to use. Everything has been set up before me and it has been used before. However, I downloaded the Easel driver and went to the Easel website to setup the connection but when I try manually moving the X,Y, or Z but nothing moves.
I am not too sure what I should be looking for troubleshooting. I tried unplugging and replugging the motor wires and been searching the forum but at a lost. Any suggestion would be appreciated

Edit: I was able to get past the intial setup screen and get into the Easel GUI and was able to move it for a moment but now it stopped moving again :confused:

Did you home the machine?
Also, check that the E-stop is fully released.


You could be triggering a soft limit, which make hte GUI enter an Alarm State which need to be cleared.
Does a power OFF/On cycle change anything?

Also, like Neil suggest, check the E-stop thoroughly, its finicky. For trouble shooting purposes only it might be better to bypass it.

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The E-brake was engaged but after releasing it the machine since didn’t move

how would you clear the alarm state?

Open Easel Machine Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+D or CMD+SHIFT+D on Mac)

A window will open like this:

It will say what state your machine is in (I have no CNC connected to this particular iMac hence mine isnt showing anything)

Type $X in the Easel Machine Inspector Console window, followed by hitting Enter will unlock the machine.

Or home the machine.