New to X Carve Need Help on what software to use?

I am a CarveWright user coming over to X Carve and need some help seeing asCarveWright is simple stupid and X Carve it a little more complex. I am looking for info on soft ware that will let me import military logos and unit logos to carve on the 1000x1000 x Carve

What format are your logo files in?
From what I have seen of the CarveWright software I think VCarve is a similar setup.
Good news is you can download a free trial with a few fully functional tutorial projects to try out.

“Can Vectric software use CarveWright’s PTN (pattern) files?
No, not directly. The PTN format is a copy-protected proprietary format developed exclusively for use with CarveWright machines.
However, any PTN (pattern) you create yourself in the CarveWright Software can be exported as STL as long as you own the CarveWright Pattern Editor and STL Importer software.”

Hmmm, I am guessing you can’t export the purchased clipart? :frowning: Not sure, you can try it and see.

VCarve only lets you use one STL file per project so if all your files are (now) in STL format you may want to look at a alternative program like MeshCAM. or upgrade to ASPIRE ($$)

Hello James,

When I first started looking at CNC machines my first thought was the CarveWright, Is needing a bigger work area the only reason you are looking for a new machine?

Assuming you have a vector .pdf of the logo, I open those in Inkscape, clean up as needed, save out as .svg and do CAM using MakerCAM (one of these days I’ll puzzle out gcodetools).

Thank you but i dont think i cam change them i am looking into it