New to x carve

Hey everyone,

I’m new to this whole process i just got into the x carve world.

If anyone could help me, I’m trying to make this patch into a usable file, I don’t really understand how to edit the paths… I did download inkscape… If anyone could help me out and maybe give me some pointers I would appreciate itjpg

Thank you!

Using a patch is not going to give good results. Check to see if you can get a very crisp black and white copy. The better this copy is the better the end results

Hello Dan, and welcome, I’m not sure what elements you are needing from the graphic you posted. However, it might be a good time to work with a design program of your choice and re-create this. Not very complicated and I’m sure it would be well worth your time. It might be less complicated than the path you are heading down.

Thank you for the responses


Check out Inscape. This took me about an hour (I had to learn to do text on a curve.)

EDIT: The text didn’t save on the upload, I have my .svg still.