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New Toolpath Architecture

@NeilFerreri1, in new toolpath architecture, the bit goes to specified safety height, only if it couldn’t move inside already carved area.

Have you seen any project that does otherwise?


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@RaphaelPascual, thanks for testing new toolpaths. At the moment, in following scenarios shapes are sorted first by x and then by y.

  1. All “combined” shapes (using Edit->Combine).
  2. All characters in a text.
  3. All entities in an imported svg.
    In all other scenarios, they are carved roughly in the order they are added. This is something we will be optimising in the (hopefully near) future.

Thank you


@Ruwan Yes. Create a pocket with an island in Easel by selecting a shape and making the cut depth zero. Maybe its still being seen as a “carved area” even though it is not actually being carved. An imported SVG with the same geometry does not have the same issue.

I originally noticed it in a simpler model. If there is not an actual path from one cut area to the other, it’ll retract to zero and face its own path.


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Thank you. I see, we will have a look at this tomorrow. I will update the thread.

If you copy an object created with a depth of 2in, and paste it into a new easel window with a material depth of .25in at a glance every think looks ok, but the cut actually goes 1in deep. (in my case far into my waist board. Maybe cutting past the depth of the material should be allowed, but we should get blasted with warnings!


@NeilFerreri1, It is fixed now. Thank you for reporting that issue.

@MilesHill, This is a bug, we will have a look at this on Monday. Thanks for reporting it.

Hi, I just tested it today and worked good. Thanks guys.

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Just tested it today on this piece

On the four pockets it would do one pass and skip to next do one pass, by the time It got to the bottom of the pocket it was taking about 12-15 seconds to move from one to the next (four pockets X 25 passes = 100 extra moves)

On the hole in upper left corner it did one pass straight through and almost started a fire (lots of smoke)

I guess I won’t be trying that again for awhile.

No, all the pockets were cut at .028 per pass, but the hole just went like a drill

The bit was .25 and hole .26 plunge rate of 9in/min

Brand new bit, maybe the style of the bit caused the problem, Its a 2 Flute Compression Cut bit?

Compression Cut bit is supposed to be an up/down cut wrapped in one

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@GlennMDutcher, I’m sorry to hear about the problem. Could you please share the project? I will have a look.

Here ya go

Thank you.

  1. About four pockets, for the time being, you could avoid those movements using “Edit->combine” option for the large fill + 2 zero depth fills. This approach will work for beta toolpaths as well as old toolpaths. We will check whether we can do that without the combine feature.

  2. I double checked the toolpath generated for the hole. It looks correct and it follows “depth per pass”.
    I’m still not sure whether the type of bit is causing that. May be the feedrate is too high for such a small circle?


In case you didn’t know how to use “Edit->combine”, use select key to select multiple shapes and combine as follows.

If my calculation is correct, each layer of the hole is done in approximately 0.03 seconds. That also explains why you felt that the bit is going straight down instead of doing layers. I feel like feedrate is too high, but I could be wrong. Would love to hear what everyone think about that.

circle diameter = 0.26in
bit diameter = 0.25in
toolpath diameter = 0.01in
feedrate = 65 in/min

time = toolpath_diameter * pi / feedrate = 0.03 seconds. (approx).

Thank Ruwan,
I’ll give a it try

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Makes sense, next time I’ll just cut hole to .02 doc and then use the drill press to finish it

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Hey guys, we’re on the verge of releasing this to the public, and want to make 100% sure there aren’t any bugs slipping through.

Just wanted to check in again and make sure everyone is having a smooth experience. Any bugs you’ve noticed? Any failed carves?