New Triquetra Tool Box Software coming soon

Let me know if not running the homing sequence solves you issue.

Video looks great Charlie!

Thank you Sir.

You do realize that you got the first touch plate that I ever sold don’t you? This is all your fault! Now there is 255 of you out there and the ol’ X-Carve is still humming like new. Gotta love it. I suppose it’s only fitting that you were the first to test the new Triquetra Tool Box as well.

I’m more than happy to take the blame. I’m used to it. You’ve made an outstanding product in both hardware and software. It can only help newbies like me get an opportunity to “excel” (pun intended). I just hope you’re having a good time with your new business venture of making Triquetras for everyone.

Still no luck. Restarted computer and xcontroller just ran the Triquetra txt file and it headed for the switch.:confounded:

Okay, Instead of running the txt file from file mode in UGS I put in the semi colons in between commands and pasted as a macro in UGS. Runs perfect.:grinning: Can’t wait to see if the new software works. THX

Try putting the semi-colon at the end of each line in the g-code and then run it with UGS and see if that makes a difference.

This may be an issue with the new x-controller because your g-code was good.

What version of UGS and GRBL are you using.? Semi colons are not something I have had to use in standard g-code to zero a bit.

UGS nightly build Dec 6 2015 grbl 1.0C will try Sunday

The nightly builds are often buggy. You might try the last stable build of UGS, especially since you are having a problem with the nightly build.

Charley is the man. I was having problems with the beta and Charley was able to figure out the problem. He sure is putting in a lot of work on this venture.

Question, When updating to new version do you have to uninstall previous version first?

No you do not have to uninstall to update. The updates will not overwrite your data files so after you have registered the software, the updates will save all your information.

I just uploaded the update that has the changes we discussed that corrected your issue. The good news is that the changes won’t affect any systems that didn’t need the change.

I just realized that I neglected to update the version number but the changes are there. Just Generate a g-code and look for M02 at the end. If it’s there then you have the new version.

I think I am getting very close to releasing it.

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Great news


I was just sitting here thinking that one improvement you might make is the ability to search for updates from within the app and then if the individual so desires, automatically download and install the updates.


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That is already in the works. Just haven’t nailed it down yet. Great minds think alike don’t they!!

That they do.

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Ask and ye shall receive!! It automatically checks for updates when you launch it and you have the option to either download and install automatically or decline the update. That, and the ability to change the save to folder for g-code files. Download the latest version to enable those features and let me know what you think.


Thanks Charley,

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Thanks Charley. You are the best!

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Charley, will there be a charge to customers who already bought your touch plate? Really looking forward to seeing this when released.

Here is just a fluff item possibly added to the parts data base. Under web site if you click on the link it would open your browser to the site. Not a biggie just a convenience item.